Homage to Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake, a great artist and fashion designer and a mentor of my work for many years, has passed away.
To thank and honour him, I have put together pictures of him setting up the “utsuwa” exhibition.
Working with Issey San was one of the greatest experiences of my artistic career.
Thank you Issey! 

Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue with Wood

For 10 years, Niklas Goslar accompanied Ernst Gamperl in his Tree of Life project, in which a mighty oak tree around 230 years old, uprooted by the hurricane in 2008, was brought back to life.
All the objects and sculptures created from this tree and the book that accompanied it were presented for the first time in 2019 at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur. In 2020, the exhibition travelled to the Korean Craft Museum in Cheongju and will be shown at other international venues in the coming years.

More about Tree of Life and the book

A film by Niklas Goslar

Written & directed by Niklas Goslar
Camera & sound: Niklas Goslar
Second camera: Thomas Willke
Editing: Niklas Goslar
Producers: Ernst Gamperl & Niklas Goslar
Executive Producer: Niklas Goslar
Collaboration: Ulrike Spengler & Steeves Danguy
Graphic Design: David Henne
Subtitle Translation: Amy Cummins, Interteam Munich

Ernst Gamperl . Zwiesprache

opening April 1, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Introduction by MAG. HERMANN DIKOWITSCH – Head of the Department of Art and Culture of the Province of Lower Austria

Duration of exhibition: April 6 – June 2022

Steiner Landstr. 88
3500 Krems-Stein
Tel/Fax +43 2732 82962

opening hours: Wed – Fri 3 – 6 p.m. , Sat. 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., and by appointment
The gallery is closed on public holidays

Thomas Bohle | Ernst Gamperl Erde und Holz

07. January -26. February 2022

Holzwerkstatt Markus Faißt
Nußbaum 361
6952 Hittisau

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 15-18 and by arrangement

Photo: Markus Faißt
Photo: Markus Faißt
Photo: Lucas Breuer
Photo: Lucas Breuer
Photo: Lucas Breuer
Photo: Lucas Breuer

Season XVII: Threads of Nature Spazio Nobile Gallery

18 March – 18 July 2021
Vernissage: 25 March 2021, 2pm-8pm

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-18pm or by appointment
Online reservations: www.spazionobile.com

Open Doors on Saturday 27-28 March & 3-4 April 2021, from 12-7pm by appointment, in the framework of Brussels I Love You (BILY) Contemporary Art Walk.

You can book your visit here
Other days

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the Brussels gallery Spazio Nobile is opening a group show including works by 10 artists and designers that reflect on the interaction between human and planet. With Jörg Bräuer, Nathalie Campion, Lila Farget, Ernst Gamperl, Kaspar Hamacher, Amy Hilton, Samy Rio, Bela Silva, Jacqueline Surdell & Philipp Weber.

Spazio Nobile Gallery, 142 rue Franz Merjay (Place Brugman), Brüssel

Press Room

Photography by Margaux Nieto, Courtesy of Spazio Nobile


February 23 – August 22, 2021

Amorepacific Museum of Art
100 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Südkorea

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10a.m. – 6 p.m.

The exhibition is open to the public.
Ticket reservations can be made online or can also be purchased directly at the museum. In accordance with government regulations, the number of visitors must not exceed a certain number.


“Courtesy of Amorepacific Museum of Art, 2021”
“Photo credit: K2 Studio, 2021”
“Courtesy of Amorepacific Museum of Art, 2021”
“Photo credit: K2 Studio, 2021”
“Courtesy of Amorepacific Museum of Art, 2021”
“Photo credit: K2 Studio, 2021”
Photo: Karen Lee
Photo: Karen Lee
Photo: Karen Lee


December 6 – December 23, 2020

Stiftsgasse 10
63739 Aschaffenburg
+49 (0) 6021 27974

2020 Korean Craft Museum 집들이; 공예 _ HOUSE OF CRAFT Special Exhibition Ernst Gamperl

April 24, 2020 to June 21, 2020

Due to the current situation the exhibition will be hold online.

From May onwards, some showrooms will be open every Friday, Satuday and Sunday. Admission is only possible with advance reservation.

Get more information and video sequences

Gallery 6 of Korean Craft Museum
314, Sangdang-ro, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

Besides the Special Exhibition Ernst Gamperl 집들이; 공예 _ HOUSE OF CRAFT is hosting another 28 artists, including Anna Dickinson, Jennifer Lee and Bodil Manz

All photographs  Jae Yeong Park | logart

“Tree of Life” arrived at Korean Craft Museum in Cheongju

The works from the “Tree of Life” have arrived in Korea for the
“Opening Exhibition of Korean Craft Museum – Special Exhibition Ernst Gamperl” 24.04. – 21.06.2020

There are further works to be seen by Anna Dickinson, Jennifer Lee and Bodil Manz.

Spinning the void – Gewerbemuseum Winterthur 2019

Spinning the void – Gewerbemuseum Winterthur 2019

Musical live performance

Ceramics, wood and piano: The two artists Ernst Gamperl and Thomas Bohle will each shape one vessel in front of the audience – to notes played by the pianist and crossover musician Nik Bärtsch.

Video by Bernhard Spöttel

All images Michael Lio

Book Launch

7 September 2019, 4 pm

Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH – 8400 Winterthur
+41 52 267 51 36

We are happy to launch the book about the Tree of LifeProject – a documentary about an artistic altercation with a very special witness of our times – a majestic oak. The artist’s book conveys the fascination of the material and the craft, brings us close to the objects, and gives an insight into Ernst Gamperl’s artistic development over the last ten years.

Blog Article: Ernst Gamperl | Art through Craftsmanship

Ernst Gamperl is seeking artistic refinement in the wood he works with, his objects reach beyond sculptural dimensions towards an echo and semblance of nature.

In 2017 he received the prestigious LOEWE Craft Prize for his remarkable carvings that both transcends and respects his deep connection to the ancient craft of woodturning. The German wood turner’s approach to his work is unique. The way he works with rather than on the material, in harmony and respect with its inherent properties is what gives his finished work the qualities that have brought him international recognition within the art world since 1992.

Master craftsmanship – understanding the essence of a material

In working in dialogue with the material and allowing the wood to unfold through his craft, Ernst’s results are magnetic; they capture a deep connection with nature. 

To achieve this he must understand the essence of the wood he is going to work with. “Every log requires a unique way of treatment”, says Ernst, to him, understanding the wood’s potential is the most important skill in the process. Recognising the raw material – its grain growth and structure, cluster growth around the branches and folds and how the branches fork from the trunk all fundamentally determine the outcome of the final object.


Montforter Zwischentöne

Spinning the Void
Concert for Ceramist, Wood Turner and Pianist
Format Development Hans-Joachim Gögl
18 November 2018

Film by Bernhard Spöttel

Photography by Patricia Keckeis
Photography by Patricia Keckeis
Photography by Patricia Keckeis

U-tsu-wa, 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo, Japan

Lucie Rie, Jennifer Lee, Ernst Gamperl

21_21_Design Sight
Midtown Garden, Tokyo Midtown,
9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

13 February – 10 May 2009

The water basin and flowing water, as well as the ears of wheat in the sunken court, symbolize the sources of life – water and victuals – that were likely the first things to be placed into vessels by human beings upon obtaining such technology.

Directed by:Issey Miyake
Exhibition design:Tadao Ando
Visual direction:Kohei Sugiura

This exhibition was the three-person exhibition showcasing ceramic artists Lucie Rie and Jennifer Lee, and woodturning artist Ernst Gamperl. 
Lucie Rie greatly influenced the mode of contemporary ceramics with her bold techniques and forms of expression within a simple design. Jennifer Lee’s pots present a quiet abstract exploration of space – her works often evoke a deep sense of nature for the viewer. Ernst Gamperl uses woodturning to channel the life from fallen trees and driftwood into his creations. Through the work of three artists that also hint to the origin of creation, the exhibition will take the audience for a tour of the world of creation that enrich our lives and culture.

Tadao Ando:

“The possibility of design as a lifestyle culture is profoundly reflected in the utsuwa ( “vessels, emptiness, universe”) created by these three artists…..
For this exhibition, I thought of ways to make the space work to communicate even more directly the fresh sensitivity of the three artists.
I created a basin in the exhibition room and installed pieces afloat on the water within. The exhibition is configured so that the viewer can stand face to face with beautiful vessels, mediated by the canvas of flowing water, on the brink between stasis and motion. Our hope is that the exhibition will make it possible for visitors to – through the works on display – feel the minds of their creators.”


Un Giro più del Cerchio

Ernst Gamperl – Un Giro più del Cerchio

Oratorio di San Rocco
Via Santa Lucia, 59
35139 Padua / Italy

Opening: 19 October 2006

Photopraph by Giustino Chemello

Dance: Monika Fravarti and Joachim Alaudin Grieger
Oud (Arabic Laute): Roman Bunka
Direction and musical direction: Grace Yoon
Curator: Paolo Marcolongo
Coordination: Ulrike Spengler