Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue with Wood

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For 10 years, Niklas Goslar accompanied Ernst Gamperl in his Tree of Life project, in which a mighty oak tree around 230 years old, uprooted by the hurricane in 2008, was brought back to life.
All the objects and sculptures created from this tree and the book that accompanied it were presented for the first time in 2019 at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur. In 2020, the exhibition travelled to the Korean Craft Museum in Cheongju and will be shown at other international venues in the coming years.

More about Tree of Life and the book

A film by Niklas Goslar

Written & directed by Niklas Goslar
Camera & sound: Niklas Goslar
Second camera: Thomas Willke
Editing: Niklas Goslar
Producers: Ernst Gamperl & Niklas Goslar
Executive Producer: Niklas Goslar
Collaboration: Ulrike Spengler & Steeves Danguy
Graphic Design: David Henne
Subtitle Translation: Amy Cummins, Interteam Munich