U-tsu-wa, 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo, Japan

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Lucie Rie, Jennifer Lee, Ernst Gamperl

21_21_Design Sight
Midtown Garden, Tokyo Midtown,
9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

13 February – 10 May 2009

The water basin and flowing water, as well as the ears of wheat in the sunken court, symbolize the sources of life – water and victuals – that were likely the first things to be placed into vessels by human beings upon obtaining such technology.

Directed by:Issey Miyake
Exhibition design:Tadao Ando
Visual direction:Kohei Sugiura

This exhibition was the three-person exhibition showcasing ceramic artists Lucie Rie and Jennifer Lee, and woodturning artist Ernst Gamperl. 
Lucie Rie greatly influenced the mode of contemporary ceramics with her bold techniques and forms of expression within a simple design. Jennifer Lee’s pots present a quiet abstract exploration of space – her works often evoke a deep sense of nature for the viewer. Ernst Gamperl uses woodturning to channel the life from fallen trees and driftwood into his creations. Through the work of three artists that also hint to the origin of creation, the exhibition will take the audience for a tour of the world of creation that enrich our lives and culture.

Tadao Ando:

“The possibility of design as a lifestyle culture is profoundly reflected in the utsuwa ( “vessels, emptiness, universe”) created by these three artists…..
For this exhibition, I thought of ways to make the space work to communicate even more directly the fresh sensitivity of the three artists.
I created a basin in the exhibition room and installed pieces afloat on the water within. The exhibition is configured so that the viewer can stand face to face with beautiful vessels, mediated by the canvas of flowing water, on the brink between stasis and motion. Our hope is that the exhibition will make it possible for visitors to – through the works on display – feel the minds of their creators.”