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Paolo Marcolongo born in Padua, Italy studied sculpture at the Institute of Art “Pietro Selvatico” and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and is running his own studio in Padova since 1984. He was director and curator of the Gallery PD 362 for contemporary jewlery from 1996 to 1998. After that he ran his own gallery “Gallery Marcolongo”, specilizing in Applied Art until 2005.

From 1984 to 1986 he taught at the Institute of Art “Pietro Selvatico” and since 1996 he has taught Sculpture at the Lyceum of Art “Amadeo Modiglioni” in Padua.

We are very pleased to show his work at Laboratorio San Bartolomeo!!

Laboratorio San Bartolomeo

Paolo Marcolongo-Ernst Gamperl
May 23rd – Aug 1st, 2010

Laboratorio San Bartolomeo
Piazza San Bartolomeo 7
I – 25010 Tremosine
Tel +39 0365 917968

Photographs: Pedro Gato Lopez